My grandpa went to school with me?

Date: 8/22/2017

By TwentieToo

I was in my room getting ready for my first day of school. I went through my closet trying to find something. Molly, my sister, came in and looked through it too. Then i noticed some of my clothes were missing. I went through her closet. Then i guess i finally found what i was looking for. Then i got to school. Me and some people went in the gym. It was dark and there were two guys throwing a ball super fast. It looked like they were professional baseball players. But the ball went really low to the ground. And for some reason i was acting drunk or high, or both i guess, and i was laying on the floor between the two guys throwing the ball to each other. I screamed every time it went over me and then giggled. I eventually moved to the side and there was a little boy who came over and started talking to me, maybe reading a story, i don't remember. Then that really light blond guy from 13 reasons why came over and sat down on my legs. My thighs were up straight up in the air, and my calfs were parallel to the floor. He sat there and then gave me a list i think it was. He also started talking to his little brother, who was the little boy reading me a story. I kept trying to tell the dude sitting on me that i couldn't support him anymore. But he either didn't hear or was ignoring me. Then i dropped him. The conversation between the two stopped, then i think the blond dude got up and talked to me for a sec, but i don't remember what he said. Then i think i fell asleep. I woke up and no one was in the gym, i hurried to my class, but i was slow and could barely speak and my vision was blurry. I asked myself out loud, "Am i high? I can't be I don't remember smoking weed.... Or am i drugged?". I suddenly sobered up and went to my next class. This is the part i've dreamt before, this school and classroom. I stood in the doorway and just stared at the people packing up and leaving. My grandpa was there for some reason. And the classroom was really dark. And thats the end.