Double Dream (Long) Panic and Weird.

Date: 7/20/2017

By Chaco

first dream. it was me and my sister in the kitchen making food or getting a drink around night time and my parents are in bed. When we entered there was an old time fridge that was bright red ( probably cause of the one at work). Every time i get some out of the fridge like a jug of juice, ham for a sandwich i was making or anything for my sister the style and color of fridge would change. it changed 3 times. first open was to see what we had it in the fridge, it was bright red and old time-y. new open it was a white regular fridge that looked like a normal fashion style. then last open it turned into a big double door fridge steel like looking fridge. during our food making i hear my father calling me in a state of panic, practically screaming at me. Told me get me cold water with ice and fast. so i went to the kitchen and quickly got a cup and went to the fridge to get the ice. as i did i saw my father helping my mother to the bathroom for some reason but i just focused on getting the water ready. she came out of the bathroom and i quickly gave her the water. she drank half of it so she can calm herself down, telling me that she has to show me something. i said ok show me. she shows me her thigh and from her thigh a greyish blackish rock was sticking out like a monster from BOTW. I was surprised but I had a feeling that I knew what it was. She told me that its probably a tumor, I think I rejected that thought of it being a tumor but deep inside me I knew what it was. Second dream It was in a classroom setting, the whole class was set to watch a movie. It movie was projected at the front of the class and everyone gathered around it. I was unfortunate  to get a spot on the side where I couldn’t see anything and yet I sat there just to enjoy the setting of the situtaion. While watching the movie a classmate started to nudge me away from my spot slowly and slowly pushing me to the side. For a while I didn’t do much but after a few pushing I just up and said alright whatever and went to the corner seating of the room next to some windows. I sat down and realized I sat next to janice, not knowing she was present in the this classroom. We chatted for a bit and after a while the teacher announced a singing presentation from a korean girl group. Since my seat faced the door way i saw the group and it formed a line so they can all come in together at once. Janice turned to me and asked if I knew this group, I replied that I think I know them but I would have to hear the song they are going to perform. They started to perform and right away I knew who they were. It was Gfriend singing one of their hit singles. After that one song they thanked everyone and left. No one seem to care since the song wasn’t in english. Then the teacher yet again comes to the front and said that there is another person coming in for a presentation. I started to not care who would come in after that and started to just glance out the window and enjoying the view since the classroom was stationed on a high floor of the building. While I was looking out the building, I noticed a crazy big looking building like 3 blocks down the street. It was a fairly high building with a crazy huge red wire frame of a Pentacertops. It also had a big dark cloud swirling around it as If it was like a death building or something. I then called on the teacher that was in charge of the class, I showed her the building . She agreed, then she pulled out a laptop and showed me a video about what that building actually is. So I watched it and it turns out that the building is a death trap rollercoaster. Once you get on you better hope you're lucky enough to get off when the ride is done. I was amazed that this type of building was near to our classroom if anything allowed in the city. I look up to stare at the building some more but when I looked out the window it was completely gone. Building and all totally gone. Like if that section of the side walk was demolished and cleaned out so a new construction project would begin. I got up and just faced first the window and was just non-staring up and down to the street to see if the building was actually gone. But right when I go see it reappears and started to form itself into the building that once was there. Like a black hole unraveling itself. Started from the bottom then slowly finished at the top where the red dinosaur was. The revolving black black also returned. I just stood there in shock.