When the Shadow points the same way as the Self, Closed Gateway

Date: 6/25/2017

By TheNagual

Another dream out by the old backyard pool. It was sunny out again, no one was in the water. There was me, and me as an old man with long messy white hair. I can't remember what he said to me. Vivid and colorful dream sequence: I was with Aidan and Derrick in some kind of festival area. We went through rooms and played different games, one room was cornered off, dark and hard to pass through. At some point I was watching a spell caster who was me. Be shot Three ice power moves directed at an airplane: first shot was a complete miss and turned up green. The second and third shot were perfect Ice bending moves. There was not enough cold power to blow up the plane due to the misfired first shot, however the power was still immense enough to freeze solid the entire environment. I step out on the other side of the playroom. I walk out the backdoor and see that I have froze an entire ocean solid... I walk out onto this massive frozen ocean and wander into the cold barren landscape. The spell caster man was me, who I was observing. He was my shadow for in past dreams I myself was a fire bender. He represented my opposite side that gives way to a frozen and petrified psyche, one that is disconnected from the flow of emotions (represented by water). Although, he casted the spell with the number three which also perhaps points in the same direction as my Self and questions whether this is a side of me that needs to be lived out in order to progress fully. Right outside on the crossroads she texts me. I text her over phone and was so joyful that I couldn't stop joking around. She thought I was James, this irritated me and I could not get my phone to work to send another message. There were no more messages and she told me she parked over in the lot. I wanted to find her car, I don't believe I did. I drive back and the gate was closed. Other people couldn't get in, it was very lush and green out. A women and her daughter come out the opposite way but refused to let anyone through, I was upset and mocked her. We all sat outside with chairs and food and drink while waiting. We all were having a good time relaxing knowing that soon the gate will be open, I saw a man from The Godfather having a good time.