Romeo And Juliet

Date: 4/12/2019

By JakeTheShadowHunter

I was in a play in a school at Clover academy and we were doing a drama lesson on Romeo And Juliet. My entire class was their including Jack,Isabella,Amber, Others. they were all sat on their seats and we needed to rehearse the play. I was looking through the description of the play completely forgetting we had to go on stage and perform it. One group went before us knowing most the lines and doing well we were next. Right before I went on stage I said “I don’t know my lines” so when we were on the stage I was looking at the piece of paper with lines on it staples to the wall. It started with Me-Romeo and Amber-Juliet going to where an evil woman was Isabella, She started mocking Juliet and I said she was not elegant. She pushed Juliet and I caught her with my hands and we went into the audience and carried on. Isabella had stabbed both of us in the back and while we were holding the knifes that where stuck in our back (fake knifes used by our hands), She said “You didn’t even get to hug yet” and Romeo And Juliet hugged each other with knifes in their back and died. The entire audience was sad and said “awwhh” as if they were sad. Then Jack said “I was gonna make fun of them at the start as well”. Then we were leaving and Our teacher said “Lydia your disgusting” for not tucking in her chair. Then I woke up.