Ginormus Tornado

Date: 5/4/2017

By mysticmusic94

In my dream I was outside with some of my teachers from school and my friend JA. We were under a pavilion and around us were several picnic tables. We noticed it started to get dark around us outside and we knew the weather was bad but we didn't know that there was suppose to be a tornado. After waiting for a little bit a teacher came over and told us its really bad then all of a sudden the sky got darker and you could hear it. The tornado developed super close to where we were so the teachers yelled at us to get under the picnic tables. JA and I got under one and the tornado start to move us under it. I kept bumping my head and limbs on the picnic table and as it picked me off the ground and dropped me. JA then got out from under the picnic table even though I tried to stop her. I then felt scared that she was going to get hurt but I waited under the table till it was over. When it was over I got out and I had cuts all over my body. Luckily JA had been fine. The whole dream I felt very nervous and scared.