Insect sting, gorilla battle

Date: 8/3/2017

By TheNagual

I step on something inside my dark room. I felt excruciating pain and a sting that proceeded up my foot. I could still feel the sharp pain coming on and realize there is something on the bottom of my foot. I am scared to look but the pain overwhelms me. I put my phone light to the bottom of my foot and a cockroach insect with a stinger the size of its body detaches itself when the light shined on it. It fell down and try to sting me again, I dodged it and was afraid to touch it with my hands so I tried to smash it with an object. No luck, I got angry and smashed it with my hands and tore it up into pieces without another sting. A few other party goers and I seek out a location which ended up being Zack's place. I had many available women to partake with although I was still waiting for my beer. There was a battle, an army of unknown animals versus another. I was a gorilla and my brother and I infiltrated the head leader of the opposing army. He warns me of a wolf creature, I said I'd be on the look out, the creature suddenly attacks and I could not stop it in time; the creature took down J into the depths of an abyss. Angry, I march into the room and fight another gorilla, who was the other leader. He had a robot assistant who nearly kills me. I step back outside and try again. This time I sneak up and attempt to break his neck. No luck, he was extremely malleable. Some how, the leader and the army was taken down. I was human again and ate biscuits with another man. He would not eat for some reason, I thought we might as well eat the biscuits presented to us.