Date: 2/8/2017

By teerific

The setting was in a gloomy, rainy kingdom. It looked very much like a movie. Ronnie, a thin lipped, black haired boy slowly pops up from behind a wagon *Jeremy something from middle school except with a different name* Ronnie was trying to get with the princess, and the princess liked him as well. However, the queen also had a thing for Ronnie. *note the king had recently died* Ronnie ended up having sex with the queen, she wore an emerald gown Scene change to Ronnie taking the princess out by the wagon at night, and then total darkness. The princess apparently a torch in her fucking gown pocket or something idk but she lit it and shined it around, and she was in an empty grave. She shined it around the "walls" and stopped, her father's decapitated head was poking out of the dirt, on another wall, her mother's. She panicked and screamed, then turned around, and the torch illuminated Ronnie's face. This may or may not have scared me a bit i would make a horror movie out of it