I'm feeling useless

Date: 7/14/2017

By dixsilence

I was at an anime convention, I saw on a store because I kinda knew the owners and they asked if I could watch the store for a while. Some people came and asked about stuff and of course I didn't know the prices. After some time they came back and were disappointed that I didn't sell anything. I left and went to see the rest of the place put it was late and most of the people was leaving. Got me some food and left with a group, we went to take a flight but they cancelled it and didn't want to make refunds so we were very angry and sad. I took the metro and when we got to the shore line we went to the sea. The rails went underwater in a spiral downwards. On a point we stopped because a giant snake was attacking us and ate some rails. Finally I was inside a zombie survival shooting game. Everyone was mad at me because a friend died for real thanks to me. :'(