psychic cupcakes

Date: 10/24/2016

By stefdrms

I had a dream that I was outside my local cons waiting for my boyfriend. As I am waiting I see his friends (which were actually friends of mine from high school that he doesn't know) so weird. Anyway I also saw my best friends boyfriend. He was holding cupcakes and when my boyfriend came for some reason I asked if we should drink beer . We were all standing there awkwardly until some how some way, unclear to me in dream universe, I met up with Betsy, I remeber meeting with this 2 ladies that were psychics. They both told me the same thing about my boyfriend. They said he was looking for more out of a person and that he was not Intrested in me that there was no lover for me to let him go. When I saw Betsy she was crying from what the psychic told her and pissed about the old cupcakes her man had botten. We went down stairs and bought two cupcakes then I woke up