Date: 2/22/2017

By SkyEyes

I went into a house cos they murdered someone from my family. And then realised that those guys were so brutal.. that they made my brother murder someone by tying a rope on his neck and tying the other end to a building while many people saw. So this crowd chased my brother to kill him while I escaped through the fields on the side. Flashback to the time when I was jumping and playing in my school's green fields.. Next I, my husband and son are in this house. And are forced to do a lot of chores to be able to get freed. 1. Watch how these people covered up their murders. They hid the bodies in a manhole like thingy which had God idols above it. And the cover closing it was sacred and no one dared to touch it. Pure evil 2. I was specifically forced to carry a gun and walk like a duck from the front gate to the entrance of the house. This was to prove my loyalty to the clan that i wasn't to shoot any of them or betray them, given a loaded gun also!! So after I did this, we were free to go. My family and I were walking towards the gate and had reached the room near the gate with great fear and our hearts beating very very fast. And then I had a premonition that they would anyway shoot my husband in cold blood. Just to teach us a lesson. And no sooner had I thought that, the leader came with the gun and pointed it at my husband. My husband accepting his fate looked at the leader. And I started pleading for mercy. And finally realising they weren't going to listen to me, looked away from this entire scenario. ***End*** Also included: scenes of love between me and my son Wow. What a dream! 😲