Pisces moon

Date: 1/31/2017

By van

So three times I have had these dreams that come true. They come on so randomly but there is a certain feeling to these dreams 1) my ex and I broke up almost a year before and haven't spoken one word to each other not even a text or anything. I have never dreamt about him until this one night and I remember the dream perfectly. The next day he texts me out of the blue just to talk. The first words I have heard from him in maybe 6 months 2) I was up at a college football game with my family. My cousin was engaged to her bf of 7 years and he was like family to us but the wedding was called off. I am the only one in the family who hasn't seen/ heard from him in almost two years. I had a dream about him and the next day my cousin whispers to me is that Blake? And points to a random guy that looks like him. That same guy comes up to talk to me and asks my name and after I give him mine he tells me his name is Blake. Later on that night I am talking to my cousin and she pulls me aside privately and says guess who is coming to visit the family..tells me it is my cousins ex Blake. 3) last night I had a dream about my two friends who were together for awhile and broke up about three months ago. They have hated each other since and have not spoken a word to each other. Today when I see both of their faces I remember a dream I had the night before about them getting back together. Out of curiosity I text my friend and ask her out of the blue if they are back together. She was hesitant asking but finally told me that they has texted the first time today since they broke up bc he texted her. This was before I told her about the dream and she has not told a single person about them being back. I dream about people every night but only these three times are times that I get a certain feeling about a dream. It's like a weird deja vu feeling like I was actually there and it actually happened. Coincidence or not, it's creepy.