Freddie Highmore in a Gladiator Costume

Date: 3/31/2019

By dreamsarecooliguess

So I was at my old elementary school in the gym, and there was about 200 other people with me and we were all sitting on the floor. for some reason there was a locker room attached to the gym, which wasn't the case in real life because this is an elementary school but whatever. So one of my friends pointed out that Freddie Highmore wasn't here, so I said, "aw man he's late again? he's totally gonna get detention". Right when I said that, he busted out of the locker room wearing a very revealing gladiator costume. The teachers tried to get him to sit down for the assembly, but he ignored them and walked towards the exit of the gym, (which led outside). Our senior principal told him that he would be suspended if he took one step out the door. Suddenly everything became super dramatic as he said some stuff in Russian. The exit door opened by itself and heroic flute music played from outside as he walked out. Then everyone simultaneously took of their hats that I guess they were wearing the whole time, because there was no way he would survive outside for some reason.