High School and Morrissey

Date: 3/20/2017

By Eurydice

This was yet another one of my recurring high school dreams in which I'm wandering the halls of my old high school, looking for my old teacher (in real life, he was a pedophile and he actually groomed me and we had an inappropriate relationship...so...I dream of this a lot since, as you can imagine, it didn't end well). Of course, I'm looking all over for him and he is always one step away and I can't reach him so I can tell him I'm pregnant with his child. This time, in this particular dream, was slightly different since my parents basically forced me to abort/miscarry the fetus by inserting a poison/medicine into my uterus with a hypodermic needle to kill it. My goal, I suppose, in this version of this dream was to tell him that I WAS pregnant, but I'm not anymore. I'm not sure what I was seeking from him in this dream...maybe it was sympathy, maybe it was hoping he would feel the loss I had felt...one that he ultimately caused. I woke up very sad after this one since I'm apparently still seeking closure after all this time. Flash to another segment in my dream in which I'm walking down a street in my old city and I see Morrissey (of The Smiths) walking in front of a rowhome. As I get closer, I see it's not ACTUALLY Morrissey, but some chubby man who is trying to look like him. I decided to heckle him a bit and make fun of the fact that he is trying so hard to be someone he isn't. I say to him, "Hey! MORRISSEY! What's up?!" Due to my satirical tone, he quickly realizes I'm not being sincere and that I'm poking fun at him and he starts to walk into his house. As I pass by him, I obnoxiously say, "Let me know if you see the REAL Morrissey. He and I go waaaaaaaaay back." I walk off, shaking my head and laughing.