Evil Candy Witches and Warlocks

Date: 2/3/2017

By swen8182

Flying over the frosted (candy snow) country land populated by evil Candy Witches and Warlocks. There are many green pine trees in the landscape. This feels like a reoccurring dream like I know that I've done it before but I cannot know that I am dreaming for sure. However, I do know that the last time I encountered this situation I was able to fly over them undetected. This time I decided to try something different. I Call out to them, "HEY!" They all see me and start to yell things. I can't understand their language. I try to fly away but I get disorientated and everything goes black. Then I hear very loud train whistle while the white ground comes into focus and think to myself that I have been shrunk to the smaller version of myself and I am trapped with them. They are after me... I awake.