Tribal sacrifices

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

First I was at this carnival fair festival type thing and I was left to save seats for everyone while my family went and enjoyed the fair. So I had to sit there in the sun all day watching this dude run the prize wheel for kids....I got really irritated that I couldn't go enjoy it but I stayed anyway. Eventually everyone starts coming back to take their seats, but then this other random dude comes and was trying to take our table or something and I flipped out and went off on him. I was just like screaming at him and throwing chairs (I was just really friggin angry I guess) and then I start screaming at my family for making me sit with their stuff all day and then I flew off to the forest behind the carnival and ran/flew as fast and as far as I could because I wanted to get away from them. Then somehow I ended up on like this Indian reservation thing except they were like old school tribes people with human sacrifices and shiz. Anywho I meet some people while I'm running away who were also running away and they explained that there was like a civil war amongst the tribe so they were running away to not get killed by the leaders. So I decide to join up with them and we keep running and running, but the leaders would keep catching us and bringing us back so we'd have to break out over and over again. Eventually we had developed this super legit strategy where we were all in different groups and had meet up places and whatever (it was pretty complicated) and eventually we got all our women and children out and we're escaping yeah, but then we find out it's like the hunger game and you can't get past the boundaries. We can see beyond it but for some reason we can't get off the reservation thing, and the other people can't get on. So despite all our running we end up circling back around to where the other half of the tribe is and it's like epic battle scene time with people dying all over the place. Then the battle halts for whatever reason and everyone watches as the leader goes through this ritual and sacrifices this child (it was seriously so creepy and gross) he just like starts slicing this child in half multiple times while he's still alive and I'm just like wtf um no how bout not! So I run up to him and give the leader dude a piece of my mind before slicing his head off. Now everyone just looks at me, okay now what. Finally they realize with the leader dead they don't need to fight each other anymore so they leave to go celebrate. And I stay to help rebuild their society because why not--that fair sucked anyway.