(2-21-17) cult with my uncle

Date: 2/22/2017

By libertydiehl

So I was living where I last lived and the road was shaped kind of like a U is started at my house and then went to the left up and then to the right (like a normal U) so I was at my house and my "uncle" (he was not my actual uncle but he was in the dream) came to my house and asked for me. At the other end of the U was a skating rink. He took me there and inside it was completely vacant except five to ten bathroom stalls. Right when you walk in there is a little wall and if you take two or three steps you can see the bathroom stalls to the right. Then to the left was a buffet kind of thing and it was kind of small but surprisingly nice food then there was another little wall and if you walked a little further over there it was a bunch of dinning tables they were red and we're just like the ones you would see at a skating rink kind of like a bench. So he told me to stay there and 30 minutes or so later he came back with about 100 people. They were all fine with it and started doing whatever. So I went to sleep and the next day (about midday) I was going to the bathroom so the cracks by the stall door were about as wide as a persons eyes so a lot bigger and a lot more visible. As I'm going I notice a ton of black people are watching me through the cracks (I'm not trying to be fascist it will come up later in the story involving them being black) then I look up and one of them is resting his arm on top of the stall and has his head on the arm and is watching me. The thing I notice most about him is he has three earrings in one ear and they are diamonds (weird but it stuck out to me) he then hands me his iPhone 5s and says "take a picture" me being well me I have to act dumb and say "of what" and then he said "you know" so right as I feel super vulnerable and terrified I'm just about to take the picture and then my uncle comes around from the little wall and says to the guy "you can't do that you're black" and the guy is weirdly fine with that and instantly steps back and says sorry to him. So I finally leave the bathroom stall and go we're the tables are. I see a door there but it's locked. I finally said I don't care and unlock it right as I do that I kind of fall back and then I wake up. So it kind of sucks that I never got to find out the rest but oh well.