mumford and sons meetup

Date: 8/4/2017

By themooreofbabylon

i was at my junior school and it turned out mumford and sons were doing a meet at greet right then and there were loads of coffee mums outside and then marcus and ted arrived (winston and ben just weren't there) and everybody screamed and went in a soundproof shed then everybody but me left the shed (i thought they were picking up their kids and wanted to be first in line at the meet and greet) but then two hours later they still weren't back so i looked outside and it turned out they'd done a massive concert which i'd missed due to the soundproof walls then ted came in and asked why i didn't go and i asked him what happened to ben and winston and he didn't answer so they were probably killed or something in a weird faux cowboy banjo beating up then i had a photo with marcus and ted but looked tiny next to them then i put it on snapchat but none of my friends reacted to the picture at all so i may as well not even have bothered.