Date: 3/16/2019

By melia1419

I got a job as a secretary for someone who was losing their mind in a office in the college I go to. No one wanted to fire her, so I basically had to do her job. That person was me. I had weird 3rd shift hours though. Like they knew they hired me to do her job, but wanted to keep it secret from themselves. There was some type of fashion show and a shop was selling jewelry. There were only displays so the designer would have to go in the back to get the item you wanted. My friend showed up and she's kinda grungy. She was out of place. The shop hadn't opened yet but she got in and started looking at phone pouches and stuff. She took the pouch and two necklaces and ran while the designer wasn't looking. One of the necklaces was one of a kind, super rare and I had to get it back from her. Then I woke up