Date: 6/8/2019

By rebecca_gov

I just took a nap and sometimes in my nap I get the wildest dreams. I dreamt I saw a really sad boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like 13 or 14 to me. Somehow he got into my apartment and I asked him if he needed a place to stay and what was wrong. He was crying and told ne his name was Alex. I told him my dad's name is Alex too. I hugged him and held him close and told him it would be ok. I realized he started touching me in an inappropriate way so I said no and asked him how old he was. He told me he was 17 and he grew up without a Santa Clause hinting at a traumatic childhood. I figured he was lying about his age and I told him I was 25 and would definitely not sleep with him. I could suddenly look inside his head and see him thinking I don't want to die a virgin ansmd I could see him thinking about us on the bed. I told him to stop. He started crying a lot so I held him and comforted him. Some how we managed to find his grandmother, a sweet lady with grey blond hair and blue eyes like his. She told me his father was an abuse drug addict. We drove to the boys house and I was shocked because it was a beautiful big home on the outskirts of Berlin. The boys mother came out and she looked beautiful and young and told me she had missed her little boy so much. Then the father came out and he looked normal too. He was quite handsome. I thought the boy might have lied but was reassured that the father was an alcoholic who had sexually abused him at two years old which led the mother to send him to a silent treatment academy where he wasn't allowed to speak. I felt awful for the boy and wanted to protect him. I told him he could live with me for a while and he hugged me and held onto me. Then a storm came up and suddenly there were flies everywhere and the boys mother was haunted by a million flies. Suddenly some strange people came and led us to a gallery to seek shelter. As I looked closer I realized one was actually a porcelain doll with asian features. In the gallery I touched her face and said your skin is porcelain and she said: then it's softer to touch. And I asked her if I could hug her and she said that's what I'm here for. Then there was a tall guy with glasses and a purple shirt who's face I couldn't see but I hugged him too and we even kissed. The mother of the boy looked terrible by now her head was a cocoon of flies. The porcelain lady said that we would have to wait for it to go away but should keep her isolated. A mail woman came knocking at the glass door she was dressed like a colourful bird and was on her phone. I signaled her she had to get out and when she saw the flies she ran and dropped her phone. Suddenly I was somewhere else in a park with joey and he told me he was on hjs phone four hours a day. I quickly realized it must have been a memory inside my dream for seconds later I was back at the gallery. The weather had cleared up and we could leave. I was sitting on a plane with Alex and his Grandmother on the way to Toronto. Suddenly a man came and said we were invited to a conference and had gotten us free flight tickets. He handed them out to random people, then to the grandmother and to me but Alex ticket was missing so I said: He needs one too. That was the end of the dream.