Date: 7/22/2017

By luminescent

In the dream, I was one of Queen Catherine's ladies. Like, one of her closest friends. I was in my twenties and I apparently I had taken a liking to the King's bastard son, Sebastian. I'm not gunna lie, I loved it. The dress and the food and uGH. BUT TTHIS BOYYYYY. He was so nice. Queen Catherine got mad at me for seeing her husband's son so frequently, so we ran off somewhere. We ran from small village to small village, stealing things. We had become freakin thieves. We would like to steal from nobles a lot. Like dukes and duchesses. Its how we got by. One day, we stole from a duke's daughter. I remember her very vividly for some reason, probably because she was so flipping pretty. Blonde and hair and the prettiest white gown. We stole her golden earrings and some old wine, and then we took off in her carriage. I believe afterwards we got drunk and drugs were involved at some point too. I dont remember it all. but for some reason, I found that I woke up with a sore throat, as if I'd been smoking something.