Unfamiliar Meats

Date: 7/21/2017

By biscuit

I was a missionary in Japan again, and I was with a large group of other missionaries. We went to a thrift store, and I found some gloves that I had sold to the store in the first place. I declined the other missionaries' joking suggestions to buy the gloves back, and we left. As we were heading home, we jumped in huge bounds like we were on the moon. As we rounded the corner, it went from night to late afternoon, and there was a violent storm blowing. We went past the pier, where the ocean had swelled so much that the water was on level with the pier itself. Waves and wind pushed me mid-jump, into the huge pile of animal carcasses that littered the ground. There were whales, dolphins, fish, and one abnormally huge tiger. The wind pushed me right into the tiger, and I panicked, afraid that it would wake up and kill me. It didn't, though, and I woke up.