Celebrities and Sims

Date: 3/1/2017

By bluefox247

I was at a convention of some kind and the Flash was there in his suit and so was Chris Evans and a bunch of other people who my subconscious just made up, except some friends I was there with. We were in this big building with super high ceilings, and away from the crowds up on one of the walls there was a long bar for pull-ups. I was embarrassed I wasn't as good at them as one woman who was there. During the convention though, prizes were given out and this little boy won a choice of a movie that hasn't been released yet and I was like "that was such a good choice" when he chose The Flash movie. An old friend of mine was in my dream and she won a cell phone game and I saw that it was The Sims 2 when I looked closer. She didn't want it so I took it and I started playing that in my phone and the Sims became aware. The dream changed places though. We were in a room with tons of computers in rows with code and stuff on them and the Sims were somehow sabotaging the computers when I pointed my phone at them (I was helping them) but then I ran into some bad, menacing guys and then the sims tried taking those guys out too.