Multiple dreams about truck accidents

Date: 8/12/2019

By Joviel

Had a dream I was going downhill at 85 miles an hour, brakes not working. It was a residential/city street with a lot of cars parked on both sides of the road and I was barely in control concentrating on staying in the middle of the road to avoid parked cars. My vision was super wavy because I was trying to see but IRL I was asleep so my eyes were closed in the dream too. That happens sometimes. I work as a truck driver and I have dreams like this all the time. It feels like I will die or lose my income after an accident at the very least and then I wake up and I really am in a truck so it feels even more real. After the first dream I thought I woke up but I was in another dream. IRL, I was in pull-through parking - just go forward to leave. In my second dream I was parked nose-in (which basically never happens) and I had to back up in complete darkness and get back onto the highway. Then I woke up for real and got back on the highway.