The presentation

Date: 3/22/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

Matthew was proposing a project in a great hall, first we took a train with my classmates but I accidentally took the wrong one and was left alone with Martina in the wrong train then they took us up when the train stopped again but it goes back and forth for like 500 m so... Then we arrived in this kinda school where he was doing that project thing and passed through a corridor. I arrived in the all but for some reason I had to go back so I found an iPad with Giuseppe Balbi's e-mail and found some games for his child (a girl) and I had to play it(kinda in real life) to go through the corridor. I had to defeat some enemies and do some other tasks. One of the most frequent enemies were girls with long dresses and tiaras and a veil with hollow eyes. I only had to defeat certain colored ones that I don't remember. At a certain point the task was literally to take a penis in my ass. I was in a rush so then I turned and looked into the face of the guy who did and ran away because he wasn't him. Strange game for a children to play...