Date: 3/4/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

I had a weird dream and I can only remember a bit! I was a man! 😆 I don't know why! 😂 it was weird though but... Ok!? 😳 and I had a girlfriend ❤️ I new I had one but I didn't know who? 😐 it was so weird but I saw these HOT girls😳 and in real life I'm a girl and I'm straight but for some reason in my dream I was a guy and I liked girls in my dream. 😬😳😐 then I saw the "hot girls" getting NAKED! 😳 I started touching there butts and grabbing there boobs😨 I don't know why this happened but it did in my dream 😳 I was CHEATING on my "girlfriend!" With these "hot" 😒 girls. YUCK. I then started to pull my pants down and... You know. They made the loudest noises. I can't believe my brain did this to me!? 😳 I just wanna make it clear. IM A GIRL. IM STRAIGHT. I DONT LIKE GIRLS. Ok?!