Vaping with mum...

Date: 8/12/2019

By SwaggyBoy9

I think daniel gave me and jack and someone else some mushrooms or acid or something, and we all started tripping balls at paknsave dont judge me for what i say here or the words i use, even me saying this. remove the ego, you are the awareness behind those judgemental thoughts, remember this. For a moment i was stuck in hell and suffering, i thought he fucked up and gave us bath salts or something i felt like i couldn't escape this feeling of 'bad', whenever i tried to focus on anything else, that feeling was always underneath and i felt like i couldn't not focus on it I felt mostly super uncomfortable because there was something wrong happening with our eyes, the pupils were dilating on their own, separate from each eye, this is what gave me the bath salts thought Also, for some reason, i couldn't stare straight at anything, i could only see to my left as my eyes were turned to the left corner.. but eventually i brang my awareness to the present and could see straight, and that overwhelming feeling went away when i focused on having fun and realising that this moment will eventually pass, i can still choose how i want to experience it it was like experiencing a good trip vs a bad trip, the only thing was at first, i was resisting the experience a lot i forgot what happened in this dream after but i remember being home and using this really good dry herb vape, it had a bubble gum flavor to it for some reason i was vaping in the house with my parents literally home, you couldn't smell it because of the bubblegum