Bean Simmons

Date: 2/23/2017

By seanhumphrey77

The other night I had a lucid dream where I was in a resort in Mexico I had went to 7 years ago when I was a little kid. This was a qualifying trip for my dads employment, so it was a special occasion. This place was called the Moon Palace, and was the first time I had seen the band Boston play live (I was young and barely can remember). What I do remember is in this dream it had taken place where I had met the band at brunch. Here I was where someone handed me an electric guitar. I began to play Kiss songs only even though I really hate Kiss. I remember I was absolutely shredding the guitar and out comes Gene Simmons to sing some Kiss tunes. I was strumming the riff so well even though I haven't played the guitar in a few years and I definitely didn't know how to play Kiss songs. My sister in the dream comes up on stage and starts feeding me hot green beans in a pot while my mom takes a snapchat story of the occurrence. No one really asked me if I had wanted these but no one questioned it either. Everyone was cheering and it was absolutely bizarre.