Plane crash FBI and terrorists. Plus man with no legs.

Date: 3/26/2017

By isaroo17

Two parts First part: Okay so I'm sitting in my kitchen getting ready for school early morning with my mom. When suddenly I look out the backyard window to see a plane gently nosedive into a field across from my house. I'm startled by that when suddenly I see hoards of FBI men leaping over my backyard fence( which now was very far away from my house), and then running towards my house. I then realize that they're going after the terrorists, so me and my mom both run to the front door to escape. But the terrorists had already secured the front and were coming Into my house( much larger than in real life) to keep us hostage. There were now a good amount of people in my house, and the terrorists were nice enough to let us walk around the house, so I let the FBI in to come and save us. The scene the switches to my mother and I in the car driving, very late, to school. As I get to my first class I notice other students had been in my house this morning also taken hostage by the terrorists. I ask the teacher if they saw the plane crash on the news and proceed to tell them how that it was my house that got raided, but they did not care one bit. Amazing. But, the bright side is that it did get me out of my homework that I didn't do ME" sorry I didn't do my homework Ms, my house was attacked by terrorists" HER: " Alright whatever just turn it in tomorrow" ME: -_- okay Thanks a lot for caring Ms. Part Two: So the next night I was sitting in my kitchen again getting something to eat. It was very dark outside and I had a window leading to the backyard open. The only light on was the one in my kitchen, so I couldn't see anything outside. Out of nowhere I see something run towards the low window and jump inside my kitchen. It looks like a young, mid- 20, sparsely bearded, brown haired man who had no body down from his rib, and walks (or runs) on his hands. Very creeped out I sit there in shock for a sec when I notice that he was in my dream the night before. I start to scream " NO! NO! NO! GO LEAVE! GET AWAY! SHOO SHOO!" And in response he starts grunting like a chimp and defensively evading me by running around me as I try to shoo him off. He looks at me with innocent yet devious eyes as he dances around me, but all of his movements combined with his general looks are really scaring. Getting very creeped out and angry at this point I want to expose him to my parents ( since in my last dream he had escaped), so I try to push close the window and evade his touch at the same time. I could see he was panicking but he did not attack me at all, so I eventually get the window closed and run upstairs to yell at my parents to hurry. "MOM! DAD! ANYONE GUYS JUST COME DOWN STAIRS AND HURRY" So I run back down stairs to fend him off until my parents came down. As I run down, i notice that he is trying to get the sliding door leading to the backyard open. I run over and push him out of the way as I try to get the long block of wood that prevents the door from being opened back in place (picture below). So the I start panicking as the stick won't go down into it's place, and the tiny man Is behind me grunting in a high, chimp like voice, and my parents still haven't come down. The stick won't go in and the tiny man Is opening the door as there is still no form of response from my parents. My freak out level was so high that I wake up in my bed, 6 in the morning, creeped out and sweating slightly. And as I try to calm down I notice slight noises are coming from downstairs, so I go down to investigate, admittedly half expecting the creepy man again. It was my mom. THE END. Link in second story: