the Lost backpack

Date: 7/28/2017

By karmakaziska

okay so I was on the camping trip I was traveling in a bus with a whole bunch of other girls. my bus arrives at this old dark gas station and a separate concrete building that contained toiletry and showers it was creepy and dark nothing about a really felt right. but I checked it all out and ended up talking 2 guy that was there I can't remember what we talked about. so anyways the trip continued we all got back on the bus and eventually got really close to the campsite which one I saw it I actually remembered that I had seen it before in another dream. I realized I lost my backpack and insisted we go back for it at first the driver wasn't too keen on the idea of backtracking but since it was so important to me we did we went back to the old abandoned looking gas station with the one guy there and the concrete toiletry. in the end we did find my backpack there was in the gas station although I don't remember being in the gas station particularly.