The Three Elephants

Date: 2/15/2017

By Aunruh

There was a pregnant elephant walking on a road, it was wet outside, cars were driving past. To the right was a small cliff that led to the water, and to the right was land, a hill that led up to an open hill, and civilization beyond. The mother elephant gave birth on the side of the road, and once the baby elephant was born, it was a little boy, it laid in the street. I dont know how, or what exactly happened, but i believe something happened to the elephant, it was peed on maybe. The mother elephant rejected it. The little boy elephant then found its way down the road where another female elephant was standing. This female took the baby in as her own. The little boy elephant was wearing a pink bandana. Then there was a little girl elephant, who had kind of the same thing happen to her. And this time, when the little girl elephant found her way to the little boy and female elephant, the little boy elephant took her in. Then the little boy took the mothers tail, and the little girl took the boys tail and they walked up the small hill to civilization all wearing pink bandanas.