oh Manson you kinky fuck

Date: 2/25/2017

By Mephistopheless

I was in class and I didn't have my typical professor today, instead it was Marilyn Manson. There were a few of the regular assholes in class today that were also questioning the peculiar man standing behind the podium. One said "who the fuck is that? he's so ugly." so being the weird gay guy I turned my head and hissed at them. They skittered away like the little rats they are... anywhore A term paper was due so I jotted mine down in about twenty minutes while everyone else's due date was in a week, so Many just peered over his glasses at me and nodded in approval. (he might've been checking me out idk) So then there was an art portion?? it sure as hell didn't feel like college that's for sure. Felt like elementary. 😒 well.....basically the story ended in me getting rammed up against his desk while everyone watched. ❤