Unattainable Ice Cream Dream

Date: 8/12/2019

By randybobandy

I was leaving a mall, heading back to my car so that I could go to a new job I got, for my first day there. I walked by an ice cream shop and saw the employee there handing out these amazing looking ice creams. It was like a swirly soft serve that was half vanilla half chocolate, and tiny chocolate chip cookies were sticking out of it. I stopped in my tracks. I needed it. The man who made them had walked away and didn't notice me waiting. I was worried about being late for my first day at work so I said "Excuse me? Could I also get that?" He turned out to be the manager and asked one the other employees to make it for me. He had to take care of something quick. I look and the person making it for me is my dumbass failure of a brother. He takes forever and then hands me a cup that has an awful looking mush of chocolate and vanilla plus one cookie on top. The cup was only half full, too. The manager had come back and saw it and he immediately recognized that it was unacceptable. He started to tell my brother to redo it but they had a secret conversation. I suspect that my brother told him that I'm his sister and that I'm an evil bitch or something, because the manager turned around and handed me the ugly ice cream mess and made me stick with it.