Bethel Tricks

Date: 7/16/2017

By SHeesch26

Back at the Bethel nursing home, I was in the cafeteria with all the staff during a big meeting. When we all split up, I followed follow a middle aged CNA/nurse to a room and suddenly I'm pretending to be an old man (as in, look like one and the nurse is fooled). So I'm kinda being a pain in the ass since I'm a young man in an old man's "body" and I'm walking around the room pretty much ignoring the nurse. I started to step out of the room as the nurse prepares the bedroom (there's a closet in the hall that has something I'm looking for) and when I return in the room I'm wearing a legit costume of some funny green monster. i get the nurse and resident to giggle a little and then I peel off that costume AND the old man costume to surprise the nurse and the resident lady starts splitting a gut, laughing. Then the resident goes to bed and the nurse and I head to another suite, while the nurse explains how funny that was. We walk by the DON office and the nurse says, "but before I let you do that again, you should probably talk to Sandy." So I'm feeling a sense if being in trouble and I walk in there and hear some snickers. I explain what I did - with some cute young nurses walking in and out (Madeline S was one) - to the entertainment of almost everyone. Sandy goes on to explain how we have to make sure people are notified if these things but she found it highly entertaining. She pretends to scold me and then I hug the nurses and Sandy.