My moms boyfriend

Date: 2/10/2017

By guider

I was eating food with my moms boyfriend and my mom. Being that Hate or loathe him all of the things I don't like about him went into my dream and reminded me of how rude he is to my mother. While we were eating she said something and he came up with a rude comment to her. I lashed out to him with words calling him an "assailed" "rude" "ignorant" and so on. I stood up and he did he a little bit after laughing as if I pushed his buttons but he actually pushed mine causing me to not think of my actions and lashing out with words. He shoved me in my wall while seeing mom still eating chicken or something. I told mom to help me. I'm assuming because I am still young. But she didn't. just kept eating and while I almost got punched in the face and beat I screamed awake. And I still battle him for being the man of the house.