The prince of Belgium

Date: 5/10/2017

By ivyfox1

Last night I Had a dream where I was stressed out at school, then was the prince of Belgium for a weekend until the castle burned down. I had a flying pink lion (really he just leapt great distances at a speed almost mirroring teleportation). As it was burning down, i scrambled to find one of my belongings, and i made it out of the door in time before the building really started to collapse. I saw lion by the door and we ran out, then realized my backpack was missing. I looked inside through a glass door, and saw it a few feet away, and had to hop over several falling obstacles that were on fire to retrieve it. After that, I ran out, and lion took us far away into the woods. (I'm female, my other female friend was the princess) later, I came back to school on Monday and was anxious bc I couldn't find bae at lunch, and when i did he was holding hands with another girl. So I hugged him out of spite (he HATES being touched) but also bc I'm a lucid dreamer and I do what I want. The girl also poofed away and me and bae were okay afterwards but I woke up very upset