I was wearing my highschool uniform the whole time

Date: 7/10/2017

By crossheartcat

i am in high school, we go on a camping trip of sorts. we had fun and what not and I have a companion. a boy who feels like my boyfriend but I forgot his face. anyway we go home and when I get back to my street its night tome. i tried to buy food from a street vendor who usually sells from inside a gatet house (?) and I dont see his sign out so for some reason I jump the fence cos I guess i really want that street food. when im inside I saw a female high school friend who im not close with irl but i guess we are in my dream. but she didnt recognize me, instead she got spooked by me, which spooked me back and we ran in the opposite direction of each other. i jump back out of the street and our yelling alerted the ppl in the street and ppl are asking what happened and are we okay. i walked away from that and walk towards my house. this female friend calls out to me from behind and ask where ive been cos shes been looking for me. now she recognize me. we walk to my house, the three of us, and 1 other female friend this time i know her from middle school. we reach my house and im nervous if my dad will be mad that I brought friends over unannounced. its now somehow daytime. we enter my house and it looks like its in the middle of spring cleaning and the air smells dusty and stuff is piled on everywhere on the floor. we walk around and saw i guess my pet snake? its black, cant close his mouth cos his fangs are on the back of its jaw, like where his molar would be. when I greeted him he opened his jaw wider and it looked like a smile. sometime pass, and my friends need to go home. I walk them to the bus stop and idk why I get on too, I was planning on getting off before the bus starts but it suddenly moves. I forgot which end of the bus the driver was on but eventually made my way to the front and ask to be let down as we reach the end of my street. I say goodbye to my friends and got off. I walk back to my house and my dad keep interogating me about small things and doesnt get to the point hes trying to make, like my electric fan etc. i ignore him. then I wake up.