Desert Land

Date: 6/27/2017

By mooncreature

I went to some country with a lot of train platforms, but with no trains running. There was 4/5 people with me (forgot men or women and their ages). We talked a lot and we brought some properties with us (cant remember for what). Walked in a lot of metal platforms. The scenery was very industrial, until we came into an opening overlooked a red desert. There was a big red rock in the desert. It seems we went arguing about something, and then just went our separate ways. Everybody left their tools near the big rock. It was damn cold eventho the scenery looked like it was scorching red. I put my tool down (i got like a big vacuum cleaning pipe lol) and then sat under the shade of the big red rock. I cant stop myself from crying although in the dream, i didnt feel sad at all.