Watch Out for the Toxic Waste

Date: 5/18/2017

By seascarlet

My grandfather on mom's side was alive and living in a house with a nice flat back yard. There were woods around and one side was outlined by an old wooden fence. I visited him there with my parents and sister. I went frolicking through the yard and sat on the wooden fence with my sister. There was a creek moving along the fence, partially underground. As we sat there I started complaining to my sister about the pollution in our town, and as I did so I noticed the ground in front of us shifting and roiling, then completely lifting up in places to let out great belches of gas. I said "Oh no, this isn't good. This is really polluted" as the grass and sod flapped and separated beneath me. I jumped down and tried to navigate the unstable earth, but ended up falling into the greenish water of the creek. It burned and seared part of my arm with chemicals. I got out without getting burned otherwise and went in the house. As I was treating the wound with vinegar or something to neutralize it, I told Grandpop he should maybe warn people. Then I started singing the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies, but changing the lyrics to make them about our town. "Green sludge, toxic tea..." I woke myself up trying to adjust the other lyrics accordingly.