Serpent vampires

Date: 4/10/2019

By Sssmorgann

Vampires living in a vacant house, could turn into snakes or dragons or something, at will. We were a different classes of vampire. I was a created after I died so I was more vulnerable, mortal, and needed charms and spells to protect myself. Like real vampires could toss me around like a mortal rag doll, but mortals couldn't really hurt me without magic. But there was a sister vampire serpent and she was created when alive so she had more powers, but there was still another few classes above us that were like legit immortal and ancient and other wordly. They were super strong. We had to hide our powers from humans but this one guy was onto us. I was injured so I was still in snake form and couldn't turn back so I had to hide behind a row of my family while the guy was looking for me. We were waiting to be seated at a restaurant but he just kept harassing us so I curled up around someone's waist under their shirt and we all left, but we discovered my sister vampire had been half decapitated when in snake form and we needed to help her or she would become mortal and die but then I woke up.