A beautiful scene

Date: 7/7/2017

By nohaboa97

This is less a dream of action and more a dream of scenery. My extended family on my dad's side and my family stayed at a cool lake-side house. It was on a steep grassy hill, so while street-side the house was 2 stories (plus attic probably), the lack of basement plus the hill meant that it was on stilts. The house itself had some pale green wooden siding and the stilts were a faded blue. The hill sloped quickly downward before tapering off into a flat (ish) beach (personal mote: think lakehouse, but the slope starts steep and ends nearly flat exactly at the water. No boathouse but there is the house next door (no clue what it looks like)). Standing on the edge of the beach and grass and looking at the house, to my right I can see tall, dense trees (mostly palm) that obscure view across them as well as the outlet just beyond that. I can see what looks like open sea. Continuing right a bit, the outlet is rather small from my perspective because a close bend in the river adds more trees to further obscure my vision. Although I did not check behind me, I knew it had more dense trees. There were a couple rafts on the beach shore. I didn't end up looking left of the beach house but peripheral tells me that there was another house and across the road there were more trees. I woke up.