Jumbled dream

Date: 8/28/2019

By SilentNight

Little Mixed Latina girl. Straight black long hair bang, skinny, black and red, supernatural. On the run. Looking for what happened to her mother. On way to school (marshal mixed with sense charter. Around fountain square area) late sees kid just float to the roof ask how he do that, black teacher? Climbs up the school sees her kid teacher there. Black truck suv/pick up pull up ppl looking for her she runs. They almost catch her. She runs in building and hides in teacher office closet. They get. Her she sets a fire to one of the people to get away. Montage type shit memories people who turn into animals/beings has characteristics abilities. Cats gargoyles wolf etc. She has memories of being in womb of things through her mother’s eyes. Bring a child and being with her. Foster care. A song snoop and others words fitting that night situation. Raining. With those people all Latino most part. Store file cabinets with two girls they try to magik the file on her? Father? Old lady catches them. She gets file. She starts going through records like school and stuff old lady takes them and says she’ll find what she needs in there. Pictures of people. Names listed. Catcher Gaecher name of father? One of fathers family? Kid drawings, letters written for dad in school in there. Realizes she wrote that when she was six for her father. That this is her fam starts crying. Old lady helps her. Cut to school she’s standing at a window cute white guy/light skin Latino? Comes up talk. Blonde hair light brown scruff beard muscled 5’11. White thermal, jeans. He’s been watching her one of the o es keeping tabs on her protecting her. She don’t believe him. She shows pics of her playing with a kid who is the boy from the school in 3 dif years first middle and at s club? Something happens gargoyles comes (him)to help. Says he’s always been watching. She’s like god whole freshman year? He said yes she turns away embarrassed. He just says that was you finding who you are. Gives her this big folded thing of paper that was in his pocket. Her story’s and papers from high school. She reads them. Some other shit happens idk if the guy was from her fathers side her mothers or a 3rd party can’t remember the rest. Supers? Just supernatural? Her mom protect her on run ppl come to help get her back. Moms gon how??