camping w/ Ash ketchum and Gary oak

Date: 1/16/2017

By Serena

So I was at some kind of camp site then I was meeting Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak Gary had tan hair and blue shirt with a duck pin he hid from people and there was ash with black hair a hat (ash Ketchums Pokemon original hat) and blue jacket with a black tank top he hides in his blue jacket I was with Ash Ketchums group and he took a embarrassing picture of Gary then Gary blamed it all on Ash Ketchums group and Ash of course and I told the camp monitor and she yelled "Ash and his group tell the other monitor what you did!" And the other monitor yelled "go to the leaders office" and the leaders office has a lips picture from sims 3 on the wall which was huge then the rest of the walls were pink the leader had huge lips and black ponytail and red lipstick she had a beauty mark and she had purple glitter top and black leggings that was my wake up point and I didn't see what happened to ash (which was me at the time and I was in his perspective) and if he had to face Gary in a battle