Cuddles with my crush

Date: 3/24/2017

By lezzyLAD

So a background on this- her and I have known each other for about 5 years and until about a month ago when we started talking more and shared many interests and views. We've in the 2-3 weeks time went from hey girl to good morning sunshine and goodnight beautiful. Complements left and right, hugs whenever possible and the stare into the eyes that turns my insides into butterflies and my cheeks into strawberries. Oh and she is a sophomore but supposed to be a senior so I invited her to be my guest friend to prom, she said yes! Now the dream, I invited her over my house after school, running off the bus and through the rain and to my house. Soaked we stand on the heater together to dry off. Blank spot after and all of a sudden we have about 12-15 lit candles and we are watching Star Wars. We slowly progress from sitting to holding hands to spooning. It was unclear who was the big and little spoon. Then the dream backtracked to the end of the movie and started playing unrecognizable slow dance music. I offered her to dance right there in my room and we did. By the end of 2-3 songs we were on the bed (still fully dressed each time) we we were spooning kissing then making out. After a few minutes we started talking about what we were wearing to prom. Then the dream ended just before she went to show me the dress she wanted to wear for prom.