Possessed Sex

Date: 4/3/2017

By sadinarus

So my dream consisted on four couples. Each couple was having sex. One of the two pairs didn't have sex with eachother but they masturbated alone to themselves. My dream flicked to different scenes of the girls getting on top of the guys and riding them. Flicked to some parts where the masturbating guy had cum all over himself. He touched it and it then flicked to more scenes I don't remember. But after they were done with there sexual desires, the female came t me first. there eyes were black and had black veiny makeup running down their eyes. They wore nothing but loin clothes and a bunch of necklaces that covered their breast. The rest of their body was tinted brownish/grey and had the same veiny makeup from the eyes on their body. They were confused, but soon after they arrived the men arrived and they were covered with a bluish/greenish/grey tint. And their eyes had a green glow to them. I figured out the only way they would become dispossessed is to keep having sex. So i told them "Go have sex" and they did, thats when I woke up. THE END