Date: 8/23/2017

By chxntxl

my dream actually started with me being at a beachy area with palm trees and stuff and a big sign saying "LISBON" (according to that, I guess I was in lisbon). I was wearing my dress I wore on my prom night but this time short enough to wear without heels. I was living life and had fun at this party. (as it turned out later in that dream, it was a wedding.) while I was buying some cigarettes, somewhere far behind me a bomb exploded, but strangely most people stayed calm, me included. I was at some tables and chairs when I was recording a voicemail for a friend in the US in English. but the whole time I was speaking German with everyone. then there was a time leap and I was suddenly sitting next to Piet and we were talking and he put his arm around me, but I was still kinda pissed off of him and I didn't really wanted him near me. the last bit of the dream was when Piet suddenly disappeared and I was sitting there on my own.