School Killer

Date: 3/27/2017

By alyshacozlowsky

So it started off with this guy who came into a school that was a really tall building. He was killed someone on each level, slitting their throat. Then some guy who was hiding in the vent and witnessed one of the killings escaped from the building by climbing out of the window but the killer chased him down and killed him. Then "I" (didn't look like me but I was in that body) was in the library with my brother (don't have a brother) and he came in and was threatening to kill us. I was wearing a dress and he held his knife to my knees was Asking me questions, what my name was and stuff. Then he said he'd cut my legs off if I didn't model a garbage bag for him. So I said I'd do it and was asking him to let my brother go but he said no. The library was also filled with baked desserts for a party and he told me to eat one. Do I ate a piece of a cookie and as I was about to model the bag my "dad" (not real dad), who was also the school principle, came in the library and was asking if I was coming home and I said no and that I'd catch up later, and then he left. Once my dad left the guy came up to me with a graduation picture and asked me who it was, and I said my mother, and he said it was his mother too. He told me that she was a prostitute and gave birth to him when she was young and that had something to do why he was killing. So he let me and my brother go and as we're walking away (maybe 20 feet away) he runs out, so we start running. He catches me and stabs me in the right lung (I felt the pain in the dream as well as after) and said that he made a mistake and that wasn't his mother. So he left me thinking I was going to die and was chasing after my brother who was trying to stop cars for someone to help him but for some reason once the car was stopped the car wouldn't drive anymore. Then my brother hid in some ladies car and the guy found him, all the people were trying to protect my brother but the guy found him and he stabbed the lady who was trying to help my brother in the stomach. I can't remember what happened to my brother but I was trying to get away the best that I could the whole time this was happening. Then some guy who had watched the whole thing happen started helping me (he was some kind of agent guy who knew exactly what to do) so we started running and the rest of this dream is just us trying to get away from this guy and his bad guy friends who came after I got away. I ended up getting away and those guys got arrested after we made it look like the we're trying to put a bomb in the middle of the city. Then My dog woke me as the guy was taking me to the hospital. Through out this dream I would go from 1st to third person. Most of the dream appeared as though I was watching a movie.