Controlled driving in fog, elegantly crafted big check

Date: 7/16/2019

By TheNagual

I remember being in the backseat of an suv next to an Asian man I felt knew. An Asian women who felt I knew too was driving. Apparently they were my friends and I felt comfortable around them. At one point the car was Nicks car and I was comfortably situated in the backseat, reclined back; I had to make room for the Asian man. The girl drove through a fog with total ease. I was at a swimming pool, practicing in fact. We were called for drills and huddled around Anderson. A girl supposedly has an interaction with a tree and situated it somewhere near by. I remember talking to a woman up close. My face was on the ground or perhaps an inclined surface; hers was right above mine. She was talking to me and I started to stroke her long brown hair. She enjoyed it and the situation escalated sexually. I was giving her oral sex until the energy of the situation got out of hand and she stopped the interaction. There were small spores near my genitals that concerned me. I was in an elegant and brightly lite factory; a tint of red dominated the scene. A machine was processing something in 5 steps. The end result was big check. The machine performed this so fast, so elegant and so calmly that I felt in inside my own being. I became startled when I turned my head to the left to follow the big checks destination: beyond the window a midget woman with only one good arm was driving a massive industrial truck. She had no fear, was healthy and absolutely confident. I had the thought that she must be incredibly tough.