magic and soccer

Date: 6/2/2017

By Tjika

I was in my house, flying around and stuff, when I suddenly wondered whether it was real or not. For a some reason I thought it was real, even though my legs still hasn't touched the ground in the entire dream. I think it was because the lights worked and I was cold, so I thought it couldn't be a dream if that was the case. Of course being able to fly was very normal. later that night I realised I was in fact dreaming. I was still in my neighbourhood. I tried to use magic, because it was a dream. I tried to use fire or lightning, but it didn't work. I could use telekenesis and I could still fly, but that was too normal for me so I was dissapointed. After that I forgot it was a dream and went on holiday with my family. We played soccer there and I was suddenly really good at it and kept scoring, but the other party was cheating and had someone change the score, so we were tied. They even tried convincing us they'd scored, but I remembered they hadn't and thought that I would have remembered them getting near our goal if they had scored. I told them didn't care that much though since it was only a friendly game, but actually I was quite angry at them.