Dream Island Mini Quest

Date: 2/8/2019

By fluffytree

I was on some island I've been to before in a past dream and there's a tyrant who runs it who decided on a whim to turn off all the power all over the island. So me and this dream friend decide were gonna try and get it back on again but we end up traversing through other dream worlds in the process. One minute we were wandering through the forest and the next we were coming out into some ancient building filled with water that we had to swim in to get through it. A winged unicorn randomly appeared and it could speak too although I forget what it said to us. Vegeta from Dragonball Z was there as well and ended up joining us in our search. There were other Saiyan soldiers standing around guarding the place and we had to sneak by them. After that we found ourself making our way into a castle that had a huge and very extravagant library. I immediately got out my phone to take some pictures cos this looked straight out of a movie or video game. I then woke up during this part though.