Russian tsar poltergeist

Date: 3/1/2017

By nomosia

I was on a residential with all the people ( I don't actually know who they were) that I used to know from school, of course they had all left but for some reason they were staying in an old house with many doors. I shared a room with someone and suddenly post it notes began springing up on our walls, the door locked itself and we felt forces throwing us and our things about. I locked myself in the bathroom but I heard my roommate screaming and I went back in the room. There were sentences scrawled across the walls. We finally got out of the room and to the corridor and everyone was there. Everyone had also been getting the notes. According to the Russians, the poltergeist was an ancient Russian tsar, when someone asked for an example they said that the name Nicholas comes from Tsar Nicholas who was a truly evil guy who haunts still, (it doesn't make sense I know and i can't remember the name of our ghost but we also had a Russian tsar poltergeist and I think maybe he was a pirate too.) We went surfing. I had brought my own surfboard and I surfed down the hill to the waters edge (???) the sea was in a field (???). However, when everyone caught up with me, I realised that my surfboard, which was yellow and about thirty centimetres long, was too small to surf on it, and I wished I had brought my bigger one. I met with a few people that i used to know, e.g. 'Tom' (I have no clue who he was, but he was very orange and so was the other guy I don't know the name of) and Joey from like ten years ago (??) and people from "the year above me" kept trying to make me Skype them. Then everyone forgot about the ghost and started voting for me for something and I was called to a room with the other nominees,we had our face as stickers on gift wrapped gifts, they were usually in houses but my face was on the one where all the favourites were. Michele told me I'd have to do a presentation that afternoon.